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What is
The Hubpages group was founded by 3 gentlemen out of Microsoft that were partial of a moneyed startup MongoMusic. The group includes Paul Edmondson, Jay Reitz, as well as Paul Deeds.

Many of we could have listened of Squidoo that is a aspirant of Hubpages. Basically both of them have been a ?free-hosted village of calm producers?. both Squidoo as well as Hubpages can be ?grouped? in to a Net 2.0 transformation ? where user returned calm rules.

both Squidoo as well as Hubpages Percentage REVENUE with their calm creators (YOU). In my knowledge a REVENUE numbers have been still low, though a event is growing. (But as we will see via this essay, there have been MANY alternative reasons to concentration upon Hubpages vs.

just a REVENUE placement . . .)
One of Hubpages differences is in how they Percentage monetary benefit with a producers of a calm upon this giveaway hosting / Net 2.0 platform:

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